They may be tiny but they break through concrete. They are everywhere and yet unseen. And the more they get stepped on, the stronger they grow back. 

This is a series of paintings of urban weeds, created as a tribute to the resilience of all those beings who no one made room for, were not part of the plan, and yet keep coming back, pushing through and rising up.

I look for weeds in the city streets near a wall I'm about to paint. When I find a particularly heroic one growing through the pavement, I paint it big, at a scale inversely proportional to the attention and regard it gets.

I paint all kinds of spontaneous urban vegetation: both invasive and endemic species. Both get eradicated as weeds when they get caught trespassing our enclosures. Yet they come back, always at the front lines, carving a path for the rest of nature to follow. 

Weeds break through even the the hardest cement, the most seemingly invincible constraints, reconnecting earth to sky, like life to its dreams. It's happening everywhere at the margins of things, we're just not paying attention.


WEEDS - a stop-motion mural animation by mona caron.
[Painted, shot, animated, and edited by Mona Caron, with music by Rupa & The April Fishes.  4 min]

Alternatives germinate at the margins, sending fissures into the hardest things to change... Paved-over utopias, rise up like weeds!

about the video

The location of each weed in the video was often chosen for its resonance with this series' metaphor: they were places where alternatives are being created, that are making a difference, resisting the entropy of our world. 

The video also shows clips of some of my artivism in street actions, including dandelion I painted for the People’s Climate March in New York, footage of real weeds shot during the CIW farmworker’s march for rights and fair food in Florida,  or near Syntagma square in Athens during tumultuous times in Greece. 

Some larger pieces seen in the video are listed under murals on this website. See Taking Root, or my Botanical mural which originated this project.

Details about each location can be found in the galleries for each weed on this page (click on the images). More on why I paint weeds below.